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background removal

Using advanced clipping path and image masking techniques, such as layer masking, translucency/transparency masking, and alpha channel masking, we meticulously separate the object from its background in product images. Additionally, we can transform the background with black and white or color per the marketplace guidelines.

mannequin photo editing

We use the ghost mannequin technique to enhance the apparel brand’s product showcasing. Our specialists remove mannequin parts to create a hollow invisible mannequin effect. Utilizing this technique, we can generate 360° or 3D images that enhance the product viewing experience for customers without requiring real models, boosting sales and saving costs.

Shadow effects

Our photo retouching experts use advanced blending techniques to create shadows, adding depth to your product images. We tailor different shadow effects – like drop shadow, natural shadow, and reflection shadow – based on product shape, size, and complexity. This gives your items dimension and a more natural, appealing look

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