Automotive Edit

Background Replacement

A background change adds clean and exciting surrounding around your car. At Clipping Creations India, we change backgrounds to your preferred landscape or location for a premium and spectacular look. Every car photo editor is equipped with the skills to photoshop vehicles. You are guaranteed the best results anytime you hire us.

Color Correction

Some photos do not reveal the actual color of a car due to camera setup or poor lighting. The color may appear paler than the original one. We also remove the car reflections and bring out its vibrant color. Each car photo editor in our company will add life even to poorly taken photos through color correction

Car Shadow Making

Adding a shadow on your car images gives them a natural look. We put or drop shadows on your car photo images to give it an authentic look. Besides, it reduces the shiny look that hinders a clear view of a car. All your car images will be retouched and given an elegant finish. We can make boring photos look stylish and sophisticated with our skills. Send us any images you have, and we’ll enhance them.

Show Cases